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Diving into people's dream.

Want a Wall painting at home or in your professional space?

Each work brings a personalized and unique touch to your renovation or interior design project.

Through my creations, I suggest you bring back into an interior, a piece of sun, a memory of travel or experiences in the great outdoors.


The aquatic element is a recurring theme because the ocean soothes ailments and invigorates the spirit.


The stages of your project:

1. Following our first exchange, I send you a quote in accordance with your project.

2. Once the quote is signed, I get to work. Then come back to you with a digital sketch of the fresco and color suggestions. Two round trips of modifications are possible to perfect your project.

3. This is the moment of realization. After proctecting floor and furniture (if necessary), i start to paint your project.

Depending on the size and the complexity of the drawing, it will take several days on site for the realization.

Are you ready to get started?

Click on the contact button below and tell me more about your project:

- the size of the wall and in which room

- location and ideal timing

- your first ideas, inspirations or travel memories

- your contact details

Upon receipt of your request, I will contact you as soon as possible to study the feasibility of your project together.

Walls and other supports:

Not being a plasterer / building painter, I do not take care of the preparatory work for the support. I advise you to plan with your craftsman the restoration of the wall: coating, sanding, white primer in order to have a clean and smooth wall before my visit.

Same for other plywood or mdf type supports.


At present, I do not work on walls covered with decorative or textured plaster.

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